In this day and age, as technology increasingly dominates our lives, we find it crucial to hang onto the simple things in life. Board games are not new: throughout the scope of human history, board games have enhanced peoples’ lives by drawing people together. Across the globe, this is no less true today. High quality board games are simply an integral part of life for us at Zombie State.

We are a husband and wife team living in the Pacific Northwest. We strive for a community-based approach to American life that is, so far, all-too-dominated by a “me” mindset. We make board games in service of this larger vision. We pour everything into our games because we believe the little moments that happen over a simple board game can be the beginning of community. If one of our hand-crafted games draws your community just a little closer? Well then, we all win.


Our Mission
Our mission is to enhance peoples’ lives through board games. Our intent is to exercise the mind, while enjoying quality time with others, bringing people closer together with a simple yet captivating game that can be used to generate quality memories.

Our Vision
Our vision, one day, is to organize an alternative school based on teaching worldly and critical thinking skills, while tearing down social barriers. The school will be closely integrated with a local community that strives for an advanced organic way of living. Community based companies such as a board game company, would allow students access within their curriculum to design their own games, while learning math, English, art, and business skills.  This is why we strive to do most of the game design and artwork in house so that this responsibility will one day be passed to students. Ultimately, we have a strong desire to live in a progressive community that teaches our children to be leaders for the future.

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