Winner of Dr. Toys “Best Vacation Products of 2012″ and receiving one of five nominations at Origins for “Best Family, Children’s, and Party Game,” Scavengers was an instant success. So What’s it about…?

Well, each year the Hamburger family escapes into the great outdoors for a little rest and relaxation. During their stay eager animals scavenge for food that has been left unattended to take home and make meals of their own.

Light enough to delight brand new gamers and yet versatile enough to intrigue the saltiest veterans, this game is a must have! Scavengers is a card-based family game. The game’s compact box makes it easy to take camping or over to the neighbors for game night. This game is sure to leave your friends and family hungry for more!

Download the Scavengers Rules Book Here

Scavengers is an addictive game for 2-4 players ages 10 and up and comes in a compact box approximately 8×5 inches.

The Game Includes
1 custom bear figurine
1 game board (map of the camp ground)
69 food scraps (tokens)
3 crow tokens
44 scavenger cards
24 camper cards
16 food cards
1 rulebook

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