Zombie State



Zombie State is a viral game of global proportions for 2-5 players ages 13 and up.

The world is too late. The virus known as MV1 has gone global. You, the leader of your people, have moved quickly to consolidate your local governments in hopes that you are not too late to carve some chance of hope out of what appears to be none. Rushing to develop effective technologies and retrain your military against this new threat proves difficult, but is your only chance at salvation. Resources will prove important and become continually scarce as MV1 continues to sweep through your territory. Do you have what it takes to keep your people alive? Or, better yet, can you eliminate the threat of the walking dead from your territory completely? Many technologies lay at your disposal if you test them successfully, but the true strength of these technologies lie in the versatile combinations that you choose to use. Will you rely on military strength, physics and science, or research medicine to find a cure? Perhaps your survival lies in utilizing combinations of these technologies. Either way your fallen countrymen have only one form of diplomacy and that is that they are at peace only when they are feeding. Feeding on you and your people and spreading the deadly MV1 viral infection. Likely you cannot stop them. Likely you will only delay the inevitable. Likely you will not survive to your next turn. Or will you overcome the odds and scramble to stay alive another turn? Or perhaps you will be a true hero and develop the technological combinations that will free your territory by eradicating the spread of the walking dead completely. Welcome to The Zombie State: Diplomacy of the Dead.

Game Description

Zombie State takes the zombie challenge from a first person experience to a global challenge the way no other game has! In this exciting and challenging game players act as the leader of an entire territory. Players are rapidly overwhelmed by the spread of zombies and by random outbreaks within their territory. Each player must move fast to successfully test technologies that will help him or her combat the spread of the infection. Players may utilize technologies in military advancements, medical breakthroughs, and in physics and science.  Each player harnesses these technologies individually or in combinations that will help them stave off the walking dead and ultimately halt the spread of the disease. If players can’t stop the progression, they are forced to try and maintain some corner of civilization within their territory, in hopes that they can hang on long enough to reclaim and rebuild their territory at a later time. Players do not compete directly in military combat, but will struggle along their borders where they try to reinforce them or redirect the spread of the walking dead to try and keep the zombies out of their territory. The most powerful technologies and combinations thereof will lead to a player’s supreme victory.


Download the Zombie State Rules Book Here

The Game Includes:

  • 1 Box full of good old-fashioned fun
  • 1 Map of the World
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 30 Freedom Point Pawns
  • 30 Military Units
  • 60 six-sided Population Dice
  • 1 twelve sided die
  • 5 Player Technology Sheets
  • 60 Technology Marker Counters
  • 140 Zombie Tokens
  • 96 Resource Cards
  • 45 Random Event Cards
  • 25 Razed Border Counters
  • 15 Quarantine Counters
  • 30 Resource Counters
  • 1 Starting Leader Card


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