General Rules

Q1: Once a player successfully researches their first Tier 2 Technology, do they move their mutation marker two spaces that turn only or from that point on does that player move their marker two spaces.

A1: It is a one-time occurrence for each player, for each tier. For tier 2 move your mutation marker one additional space (for a total of 2 spaces) and for tier 3 move your mutation marker two additional spaces (for a total of 3 spaces).

Q2: Are resource cards supposed to be kept secret?

A2: Resource cards can be kept secret, but are not required to be kept secret.

Q3: If ZT’s have no adjacent population areas to move, do they just stay in place and do not activate? “Breaking Ties/Empty Regions” says they don’t move, but do they remain active?

A3: Zombies that are in an empty region and surrounded by empty regions will ultimately become active at the end of the turn (if they haven’t already) during Upkeep, but then will just sit active in this region until they can feed or move. This becomes important if someone tries to repopulate an adjacent region, as the active zombies will then proceed to move into this region the following turn.

Q4: If a player achieves an eradication victory in round 15 does this victory condition or the airborne end of game victory condition take precedence?

A4: Once a mutation marker hits space 15 on the mutation track the current turn is completed and the end of the game is triggered. However, if the first and more difficult eradication victory condition is met then this would determine the winner prior to the airborne viral victory condition.


Q5: The Mobilization technology gives each unit a free move. Does the unit lose any remaining movement if they engage in combat?

A5: This is correct. If any combat occurs the unit loses all remaining movement from its free move. Though you can move the unit again following the rules for military movement and combat if you choose to spend the FP.

Q6: Can you use Sonic Technology to move zombies into an empty region?

A6: No, there must be a population die present to use sonic technology in that region.

Q7: If someone uses the Raised/Razed border technology and places a Raised/Razed Border on a shared border between two players’ territories, do you have to have the Raised/Razed Border technology to remove that border?

A7: Yes

Q8: Do Raised/Razed Borders last the rest of the game unless they are removed by the use of the same technology?

A8: Yes.

Q9: Is the number of times that the Raised/Razed border technology used, limited by the components.

A9: No, in the circumstance that this occurs, feel free to substitute anything that works for the Raised/Razed border components and continue using the technology.

Q10: For the Revived Resources technology, can you place the resource token on a space that is not ’producible’. i.e. has no population die?

A10: Yes, as long as there is no existing resource icon or resource token present in this region.

Q11: If you pay the FP and resource cost for researching a technology, and are successful, do you then have to pay the use cost to get that first use of the technology, or do you effectively get the first one free?

A11: You must pay the use cost for the first and all subsequent uses.

Q12: For the Technology Focus technology can you declare the bonus after rolling?

A12: All bonuses must be declared prior making the technology testing roll.

Q13: Can the Brain Food technology be used to move a ZT to an unpopulated region (a region without a population die)?

A13: Yes, the Brain Food technology can be used to move a ZT to any eligible region, including a region without a population die

Q14: For Airstrike technology, what is meant by the use of the word “unit(s)”? Does one use let each and every military unit in any of your regions destroy a zombie token up to two regions away? Or is it just military units in a single region affecting an equal number of ZT’s? Or is it just a single military unit eliminating a single ZT per use?

A14: For each use of the technology you may remove one and only one ZT. The ZT that you remove must be within two regions of your military unit(s). The technology may only be used twice for each of your military units. Thus if you have 3 units in your region, you may use the technology 6 times.

Q15: For Resource Infrastructure technology, is there any reason you couldn’t use this 4,5 or even 6 times in a turn by turning in an equivalent amount of FP & RC’s and then placing that number of resource counters (subject to available regions)?

A15: Yes, so long as the resource counter is not placed in a region that already possesses a resource counter or resource icon.

Q16: Can the Brain Food technology be used to move a zombie into a region with a quarantine marker?

A16: No, a quarantine marker prevents all zombie movement into this region as long as the quarantine marker is in place.

Q17: Can the Evacuation technology be used to remove all population from a region (thus removing the die), or is the minimum it can be reduced to in the region 1?

A17: Evacuation technology can be used to reduce the population in a region to zero. When this is done the population die is removed and placed on the popularity track.

Mutation Track and Outbreaks

Q18: When rolling for an outbreak if players 1 and 2 have a population die in their region rolled for the outbreak and the 3rd player does not, what happens A or B?

A) Reroll the outbreak again and apply the new roll to all players (because one region did not have a population die).

B) Reroll for player 3 alone (the other players had a population die in the region rolled, and so should have placed a Zombie Token in that region, and thus further rolls for the outbreak do not effect them).

A18: B)

Q19: If an Outbreak occurs as a result of a Mutation Track Outbreak, and the ZT is placed in a military occupied region, then a fight doesn’t instantly break out during the same turn? The rulebook suggests that fighting occurs during “the next turn”. Am I reading that right? This is an instance where zombies and military units don’t instantly fight, right?

A19: Correct, A region within a territory is very large and it is assumed that military forces would be on the battle lines. Thus when a typical outbreak occurs in a metropolitan area it is assumed that ZTs would have time to cause havoc before the military could mobilize from their current position and get to the area of the ZT outbreak. This is the same for outbreaks that are generated during the Random Event Phase.

Q20: If I pass over multiple outbreak spaces on the Mutation Track during a single turn do I have one outbreak or multiple outbreaks?

A20: For each space that your mutation marker passes on the mutation track you follow the directions for that space. Thus if you move past two outbreak spaces, then you would roll for two outbreaks.

Random Event Cards

Q21: Regarding “Military Might”, the second sentence leaves some wiggle room on this card. Can it be used ONE time on ONE unit, with that activation being used whenever you want? Or is it that it can be used ANY number of times on ANY number of units?

A21: One time, on one unit.

Q22: For “Shortages”, for multiple technology uses, is it only the very FIRST use of any technology that you activate costs you +1 RC total, or does EVERY use of each technology that you use costs you +1 RC?

A22: +1 RC for the very first use only.

Q23: If you get “Feeding Frenzy” and you don’t have a region with a zombie token and a population die, you get an outbreak. Can you prevent this outbreak with the “MV1 Screening” technology?

A23: Yes

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